Buddhist Gompas in Spiti, Tribal people of Kinnaur

The Land of the Tibetan Buddhist Gompas in Northern India

'Mystical India Tour'

with Elena May to September - The Kinnaur Valley and the Spiti Valley, which was only opened to foreigners in 1995.

Step into another world, another time.

Tabo was created in 996 AD, Dhankar, Chango and Ki still practice their religion and culture, virtually unchanged for the last 1.000 years.

Our trip focuses on the mystical Tibetan Buddhist Culture in the Spiti Valley and the Kinnauri people in the valley before them. The Buddhist monasteries we visit have not changed since Tabo was built in 996 AD. . We visit the the Kinnauri River Valley with its apple orchards and magnificent trees. We follow the Sutleg River thorough the Himachal Pradesh Himalayas, specifically the Kinnaur and Spiti Valleys. At almost every turn the spectacular views of the Himalayan peaks will take your breath away. The Tibetan Buddhist Gompas of Spiti

We travel by jeep with additional local guides. ( This is not a trekking trip). We take daily walks, some light hiking. We stay in the monasteries or nearby accommodations. Experience what you never dreamed you would really see!

A wonderful website about Spiti called Ecosphere

Dankhar Gompa, above Chango, Gulling in the Pin Valley

The Spiti Valley is accessible but not quickly. It is a fairly long journey starting at Shimla ( Utter Preadesh) going through the Kinnaur Valley and then proceeding (with permit) into the Spiti Valley. It is fairly straightforward as there is really only the one road ( usually well maintained ).

Timing is of the essence as the passes only open late May or June, you must be out of there before the passes close ( officially close November 15) July, when the monsoon floods close the lower river valley road, there is no access from the Simla side.

We ascend slowly, with rest and altitude adjusting stops in Simla and then again in Kalpa. ( above Recong Peo)

What is most interesting is the influence of Tibetan Buddhism grows stronger and stronger as you proceed up the Kinnauri valley.. then you are 'through the door' and there is only Tibetan Buddhism ... Both religions and their cultural heritage will amaze and charm you.

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The Kinnauri Tribal people are a unique people as well, not at all like the Spiti people. There are many links to articles about Kinnaur on this page.

Adjustment to high altitude ( and Ki and the Pin Valley are the highest points we visit in the Spiti Valley ) is not related to age or physical shape. It has to do with your particular blood chemistry, you won't know until you try . . so going in a hurry is a stupid thing to do, as you are gambling that you can adjust fast enough.


• The Taj Mahal, day trip to Agra by plane ( from Delhi) or from Bharatpur by car.

The Taj Mahal in Agra, India

• The Taj Mahal, Bharatphur - Keoladeo Sanctuary Birds , 2 nights. private car.

• The Taj Mahal, Keoladeo Bird Sancturay , Deeg Palace, 3 nights. private car.

• Mathura, the 'seat' of Krishna can be visited as well.

• Fatephur Sikri could also be added.

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Satellite photo of the trip from Shimla.

Gallery of amazing photos by Marek Kalmus of Tibetan Architecture:

Looking down from Dhankar, Tabo. photos by Marek Kalmus

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